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children who are the future for the plight of the Garbage Village residents. If we can help raise expectations, education and health, future generations will be better equipped to beat the poverty their parents know only too well.

 Ours is a new charity, established in 2010 to build on a legacy of informal support that has centered on St Georges Church in the Garbage Village. Over the years volunteers from the UK have worked with the church, raising funds to build toilets, classrooms, buy educational materials and to run summer camps at a Red Sea resort – but not one you would ever find in a glossy travel brochure.

We hope our charity will grow and enable us to do even more in the future but right now our focus is to continue to provide an annual Summer Camp for as many children as we can fund. For many, this is the only holiday they will ever experience and has changed the lives of literally hundreds of children who have been taken in the past. Many of the Egyptian youth leaders who now support the UK team at camp started out as participants themselves.
Welcome - in every sense. Our charity is specific in that it aims to raise awareness of the plight of thousands of people living in the garbage villages around Cairo AND the funds to do something about it.

Whilst many visit Cairo on holiday, few know that just a few hundred yards from their hotels, behind an 8’ high concrete wall, a group of people live in some of the worst poverty in the city – the population of the garbage village.

They are an amazingly loving people. Surrounded, but completely ignored, by the more affluent population of Cairo, they struggle with honour and pride to make a living by re-cycling the garbage of the city. Sending out horse drawn carts to ply the streets, they collect the refuse of the city for a pittance before returning to hand sort through the city’s waste, gleaning every last possible item of any value from that discarded as rubbish by their fellow countrymen.

Our primary goal is to work with the