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and for even more is the first time they have seen the sea!  At camp we play games on the beach, learn English, sing songs, do craft and learn about the love of Jesus.
There’s even more.......
It builds confidence.
Raises expectations
Teaches team skills
Teaches leadership skills
Teaches kids how to play
Teaches nutrition
and most importantly -respect

The children eat 3 proper meals - every day and have running water in the showers and toilets. You cannot imagine how amazing these things, we take for granted, are to these, funny, creative, cheeky children.

The cost for all this is just £35 per child for the whole week, which includes all transport, materials, food and accommodation. For the record every English team member always funds themselves and donates their time for free.
Our work is primarily directed towards impacting the lives of the current generation of children living and working in the garbage village of Mottamodia, Cairo.
For the past 10 years or so we have raised funds to build classrooms, provide teaching equipment, install a computer room and build modern hygienic toilet and wash facilities within the St Georges Church in the

heart of Mottamodia village. The church provides not only Christian teaching but is also the school to which some 850 children regularly attend. Despite the magnificent work by the teachers and ministry staff, without outside support the school would struggle even more than it currently does.

But perhaps our finest project is our summer camp. This is where we take as many children as we can fund each year to a resort on the shores of the Red Sea. Our resort is 2 star Egyptian with hot and cold running cockroaches but is absolute heaven to our kids. This holiday is, for most, the only holiday they have ever had