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When we look around the world there is so much inequality it is sometimes difficult not to be overwhelmed by it all and become paralysed into inaction.


The challenge you feel when you meet the people of the garbage villages is that of being overwhelmed by a sense of love and generosity that is so incongruous when you experience the circumstances in which they find themselves. This simply cannot be fair. These delightful, funny, loving people are so concerned that you as a visitor are welcomed into their village and fed that they will go hungry just to provide for you!


It is this sense of unfairness or imbalance that we find so addictive. Here are a people embracing hardships that we could not tolerate and yet all they pour out is love and kindness to everyone they meet. This way of life deserves our attention and our support.


In truth we have much to learn from their value system .



We are not saying that their plight is any worse than many other situations seen in the news but for whatever reason we have been placed in a position to do something about this one and we are determined not to be paralysed.


There is no limit to the love in the hearts of these people, help us to make their opportunities unlimited too?


Help comes in many forms and we welcome all. Perhaps you could become a “Life Giver” and donate £5 per month to sponsor a child or become part of our Egypt Camp Team! However you are moved to help we welcome you.

We look forward to hearing from you...


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